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You are likely to be eaten by Neverwinter Xbox AD a grue." This threat of imminent death originated in the famous computer game "Zork." Now 30 years old, knowing and fearing grues is a badge of experience amongst gamers. If you know never to venture into dark places without a light, you know your games. Zork's enduring legacy is remarkable in its own right, but it is particularly notable for one simple fact: the game was played entirely in text. There were no graphics. None. While this may seem positively archaic in today's landscape of intensely visual computer games, many are surprised to find that text based games are the bedrock on which most of today's online gaming landscape is based. The origins of Zork and its descendents lie in a program named "Colossal Cave Adventure" or simply, "Adventure." Designed by avid cavers during the 70s, the game involved taking on the role of an adventurer exploring a complex set of caves.

Presented entirely in text, players could interact with the environment being described to them by entering commands such as "look at the tree, "go north" and "get sword." Each command yielded a description of a new scene or the results of the player's actions. While this hardly seems revolutionary now, one must remember that this the first time many people could interact with fantasy worlds via the computer. Adventure represented the birth of RPG video game. Where Adventure laid the groundwork for text based games, Zork would add depth and content to the genre and parlay it into commercial success. Zork added a linear plotline, a robust command interpreter that allowed a great deal more commands to Buy Neverwinter Gold be entered and the trademark humor that has become the series' hallmark.

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