About Us

BYB is a online booking destination for professional barbers. 

A place where new, or existing clients can search and book a barber in their local area.

Why BYB?

What exactly is BYB?

BYB could possibly be the leading on-line appointment and appointments-as-leads service provider for small business owners. BYB provides solutions directly to  professional Barbers, as well as barber shop owners.

How it operates For Small Business Owners

For service industry experts, BYB makes it simple to receive online appointments from brand new and pre-existing clients. Whether you’re looking to better develop your company and get found by new customers within your local area, or perhaps you’re not really worried about growth but just need a fresh new way to keep your pre-existing clients happy; BYB can do the job for you as well as your small business.

Why Would You Use BYB?

Your clients can book appointments with you online No Your Business Today Yes Your Business w/ BYB
Automated appointment reminders sent to clients to prevent tardiness and no-shows No Your Business Today Yes Your Business w/ BYB
Clients able to pre-pay online when booking an appointment No Your Business Today Yes Your Business w/ BYB
Clients can find and book with you from Google and Yahoo No Your Business Today Yes Your Business w/ BYB

B Y B is a solution meant to increase the cash-flow of every business savvy barber…

The way BYB works For Consumers

For consumers, BYB offers a simpler and much more convenient approach to connect with the local businesses you schedule with today. BYB is commonly used by hundreds of hair stylists evry single day. In fact, BYB can work for virtually any sort of service professional within your area.